State Inspection

We are a Maryland State Police authorized vehicle inspection station.  If you are registering your vehicle in Maryland, it will be necessary to obtain an Inspection Certificate.  More information on this inspection can be found here.

Upon passing the inspection, you’ll be issued an Inspection Certificate on the spot at our facility.  From there, the process of registering the vehicle in Maryland can be completed at one of the Motor Vehicle Administration buildings or Fred’s Tag and Title at their Cockeysville office located just 1/8 miles north of our facility.


Inspection Fees:


* NO trucks over 10,000 lb GVW *

    All Cars


    Trucks under 10,000 lb GVW



    Measure tint using digital light meter



About window tint and the inspection process –

The procedure for window tint inspection was changed in 2012 and while it was previously the duty of the State Police to meter and verify the light transmittance (whether or not the tint is too dark to be legal), this responsibility has now been shifted to the Maryland State Inspection facilities. Therefore, if we are conducting a State Inspection on a vehicle which has aftermarket or otherwise add-on window tint, we are required by law to measure the light transmittance on ALL windows. If your vehicle has window tint which you intend to remove, please do so prior to inspection, otherwise the tint measuring fee will be included.

Below is an excerpt from the MVA’s website regarding Maryland State window tint guidelines:

“On passenger cars, convertibles, and station wagons:

All windows with aftermarket (added) tint must have at least 35% light transmittance.
Red, yellow, amber, and reflective window tint is prohibited.

On multipurpose vehicles, vans, and class “E” trucks that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) equal to or less than 10,000 pounds:

Windows on the driver and right front passenger doors with aftermarket (added) tint must have at least 35% light transmittance. Red, yellow, amber, and reflective tint is prohibited on these windows.
All other windows can be tinted to any degree of darkness or color. However, reflective tint is prohibited.

Note: As of February 1, 2012, Limousines are not permitted to have tint on the windows right and left of the driver.”