Filter Service

Its important to keep filters clean

You have to keep your pool filter clean if you expect clear water, your furnace filter at home needs to be clean if you expect good air quality and its no different for your vehicle.

Oil Filter
clogged filter – A clogged oil filter will most certainly lead to oil starvation for your engine which, in turn, leads to engine replacement.  Your oil filter should be changed every single time you have the oil changed.  Here’s what an oil filter element looks like that hasn’t been changed in 15,000 miles


Engine Air Filter
engine air filter
– If you want the most Miles Per Gallon out of your vehicle, this is one of the simplest and inexpensive items to replace.  In terms of dollars spent vs dollars saved, this filter replacement is among the biggest bang for your buck.  Here’s a typical style air filter – new held up next to one that needs to be replaced.

Cabin Air Filter
Dirty cabin air filter
– Most cars as of 2000 come equipped with a Cabin Air Filter.  It can be thought of as a furnace filter for your car.  All of the air that blows on you from the vents passes through this filter first.  A clogged Cabin Air Filter can lead to failure of your cars blower (the fan you turn on to get air out of the vent) because it works twice as hard trying to blow air through this clogged filter.  Below is a good example of what a clean, new cabin filter looks like next to a dirty one.

Gross?  You and your family are breathing that stuff!  Its got dirt, dust, mold, hair, leaves and who knows what else.  We recommend you replace this filter every 20,000 miles or so.


Fuel Filter
clogged fuel filter – The fuel pump takes fuel from the tank, pushes it through this and then up to the engine.  If this filter is clogged, it will cause the fuel pump to work much harder, reducing gas mileage and the life of the fuel pump.  Most late model cars do not have a serviceable fuel filter, instead, there’s a filter element inside the fuel tank and is only designed to be replaced with the pump.  Here’s an example of a heavily clogged/contaminated fuel filter.