Air Conditioning

Tired of sweating?

Maryland has some of the hottest, most humid summers on the east coast.  When the temps reach 100 degrees, you’re going to want your air conditioning system performing at max efficiency.  There are a number of factors which will cause degradation of your air conditioner’s performance.  Below (left) is an example of what a typical air conditioning system looks like and how it functions:

Air Conditioning Service The #1 cause of failure

Many things can cause the A/C system to fail.  Clogs, failed parts such as the compressor and electrical issues can all bring this system down.  However, low refrigerant is by far the most common cause of failure or reduced performance in a car’s air conditioning system.  All air conditioning systems use refrigerant of one type or another.  R134a is the most common however R12 was in years past although, all refrigerant -no matter the type- has become universally referred to as “freon” which is actually a brand name but quite easy to remember.  Try remembering it by its real name Tetrafluoroethane.

Finding a leak

Air conditioning systems run at extremely high pressures and, the higher the outside temperature is, these pressure climb even higher.  The system is sealed and by design should never leak.  That is to say, unlike most engines that use (or otherwise consume) 1/2 quart of oil over the course of 3,000 miles, your air conditioning system -filled to the maximum capacity- should remain that way indefinitely.   If it ever becomes low, that means there’s a leak.  Because the refrigerant is in a gas state and, because it is colorless and odorless, finding a  leak is generally impossible without special equipment.  However, “leak sniffing” tools are notoriously inaccurate and, due to this, the De facto standard for A/C leak detection is actually a bit wasteful.  The system is filled to its maximum capacity and an ultraviolet dye is introduced.  The customer is then sent on their way to return either 2 weeks later, or if the A/C performance drops sooner than that.  At this point, a UV light is used to find traces of the dye and, if you’ve found dye, you’ve found a leak.  A repair option is then presented.

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